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About Us

Welcome to the Laurel High School, Karimnagar. The Laurel, a long cherished dream of evergreen teaching and learning experiences coupled with moral and academic values of ultimate man making was envisioned and established by Sri B. Venkateshwar Rao in the year 1993 to nurture the future generations cutting across different strata of the society in and around Karimnagar. The school is located in an ideal environment close to the Lower Manair Dam laden with all the delicacies of natural beauty and calm away from the hum bum of the city. The Laurel is deeply rooted in values and committed to provide quality education through the development of various innate cognitive faculties of the pupils with the Motto “KNOWLEDGE AND CHARACTER, MARKS OF CULTURE.” Today the Laurel stands as an epitome of success in the field of education spreading the fragrance of educational values all around the vicinity of Karimnagar.

Laurel, as the name suggests is an evergreen shrub with shiny leaves, came into existence with 35students and swept past 1200mark this year. The Laurel, with its approachability, consistency and adaptability to the increasing demands in the field of education has withstood the test of time and will continue to do so in the future.